Raw Honey: The Anna's Honey Way

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Our honey offerings are Grade A quality and free of preservatives, which means they are a premium, all natural product. What makes Anna's Honey even more special is that during the bottling phase of our honey processing, we are very careful to keep the honey in it's raw state, without harming all of its natural benefits. To qualify as raw honey, the honey must not be heated beyond temperatures that would naturally occur in the hive. When honey is overheated, many of its natural enzymes are destroyed, thus ruining the potential health benefits. While we do heat our honey minimally, it is only to improve manageability during packaging. The heat levels are carefully monitored and regulated to never exceed the natural hive temperatures. This is how Anna's Honey is able to retain all those wonderful healthy enzymes. Honey straight from the hive contains pollen, honeycomb pieces, as well as lingering bee parts. When producing a gourmet quality raw honey, such as ours, we believe that the wax honeycomb remnants and bee parts are detrimental to the purity of the honey. We filter our honey at 200 microns to remove any wax pieces and bee parts that interfere with the honey's clarity. This level of filtration allows the natural pollen to come through unharmed. What you get is pure honey with a smooth, flowing consistency. Anna's Honey is gourmet quality raw honey. Our honey is full of the beneficial enzymes and natural pollen that raw honey is known for. What's more, our honey is free of preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients. So, when you spread Anna's Honey on your morning toast you can rest assured that along with its delicious flavor, you are also getting quality honey with great nutritional benefits.

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