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Annas Creamed Honey - Huckleberry - 11oz

Huckleberry Creamed Honey - Annas Honey - 11oz

5.00 stars, based on 4 reviews
Anna's award winning Huckleberry Creamed Honey, also known as whipped honey and honey butter, is a delicious, spreadable honey. Made with the freshest and most natural ingredients, this creamed honey is the cream of the crop. Anna's blends pure...
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I got this at the local Yakima Fruit Market in Kenmore. I will never be going back to honey from the store. It is the PERFECT blend of sweet honey and huckleberries! Good in tea, on toast, on bagels--I have friends who always want tea when they come over "with that really good honey!" They've always been more coffee drinkers until now... ;-)

Chattanooga, TN


My son sent me a jar of Anna's Huckleberry Creamed Honey as a Thank you gift and I absolutely love it! I've tried it on toast and biscuits, but I can imagine it would be wonderful on a bagel or other pastry too. When it's gone, I'll be buying more!


I live in Kent, Wa

have been traveling the passes to Leavenworth and Spokane for years...always stop at Cle Elum Bakery and Thorp fruit stand...finally bought some of this honey....OMG it is GREAT......I even just eat it by the spoon...have already told everyone about it and promised to bring some home next is great

Seattle, WA

So Delish!

My mom brought me a jar of the Huckleberry Creamed Honey from Leavenworth and it is simply divine! I started off putting it on strawberries, and wound up eating it straight out of the jar. I love the texture and consistency- it's way easier to deal with than regular honey (no dripping). I love the jars too, they're adorable and totally reusable.

My only gripe would be that I don't see a list of ingredients (just mention of them) in the product information. Before I order any more I would like to find out just exactly what those "freshest and most natural ingredients" are. I have my eyes on the cinnamon flavor!

Reviews 1-4 of 4