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Anna's Honey Bears & Hives - Classic Honey Gifts!

Our Sweet Honey History

Anna's Honey features a wide variety of all-natural Pacific Northwest honey and honey products in a variety of flavors. Our honey company was founded by Arlene Page in 1980. She lovingly named the company after her great grandmother who settled in the Kittitas Valley region of Washington State in the 1880's.

Here at Anna's Honey we are proud to offer a broad line of quality honey products reminiscent of the good old days back in the Kittitas Valley. We strive to uphold the quality standards established by Arlene Page when she began the company in 1980. We are committed to providing the finest 100% pure honey your money can buy.

The Anna's Honey Difference

Our gourmet honey products differ from most supermarket products because they are 100% pure and natural. We never add preservatives or artificial ingredients. And you can be sure that Anna's Honey is never pasteurized - making it Grade A, all natural honey. Each honey varietal is filtered at 200 microns. This filtration method removes bee parts and wax pieces that we believe to be detrimental to the gourmet quality of the honey while allowing the natural pollens to come through. After this minimal filtration, we are left with clear, high-quality honey with a thick, smooth, flowing texture.

Anna's Honey Sources & Varietals

Nectar sources of Anna's HoneyFloral honeys from Anna's Honey are produced by bees gathering nectar from a variety of blossoms throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our bees visit the flowers of Clover, Blackberry, Fireweed, and Wildflower plants.

Our Clover, Blackberry and Fireweed honey varietals are considered single-origin, meaning the bees gather nectar from primarily one type of flower when producing each flavor. The Wildflower Honey is made from the nectar of a variety of blooming flowers growing wild in the Pacific Northwest.

Similar to fine wine, each honey varietal retains a distinct color, aroma, and flavor profile. Flavors can range from a subtle, sweet taste to rich and robust. The color of each honey varietal can also vary from a light gold color to deep, dark amber. Flavors, colors, and aromas of each varietal are determined by nectar source, seasonal temperatures, and rainfall.

Our Honey Product Line-Up

We sell our gourmet honey products in a variety of package sizes and types. From classic Honey Bears and Mason Jars filled with premium liquid honey, to our Creamed Honey and Honey Gift Jar gift options, Anna’s Honey has something for every honey lover.

Honey Bears & Hives

Honey Bear & Honey Bee Hive Bottles

Dispenser-type Honey Bear and Bee Hive Bottles are squeezable and easy to use.

Honey in Mason Jars

Honey in Mason Jars

Our Pint-Style Jars are the traditional way to pack honey, just like they used to down on the farm.

Honey Gift Jars

Honey Gift Jars

For a great gift idea we offer 18 ounce sized Honey in Glass Gift Jars, each with a beautiful hand-sketched label.

Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

Our Creamed Honey is a thick, spreadable honey product made from pure honey and natural fruit purees and spices.

Bulk Honey Pails

Bulk Honey Pails

Bulk Honey Pails in 60LB and 12LB sizes are perfect for those who use a lot of honey.

Honey Stix

Honey Straw Stix

Enjoy Anna's Honey Stix - plastic straws filled with tasty honey flavored with natural fruit flavoring and spices.