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Honey Sticks, The Perfect Healthy Snack

Great for Athletes, Children, or Tea Connoisseurs

What Are Honey Sticks?

Also known as honey stix and honey straws, Honey sticks are made by filling straws with flavored honey. By combining honey with natural fruit flavors and spices, honey sticks are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which can boost a person’s immune system. Honey sticks have tremendous flavor while also being light. There are only 14 calories in one honey stick and no fat, cholesterol, or sodium.

Opening the top of a honey straw is simple. Either cut the top of the stick with scissors or gently open with your teeth. Then, the delicious honey is ready to be eaten or used in tea for flavoring. Honey sticks have a very long shelf life and are a convenient snack for when you need it most.


Anna's Clover Honey Stix

Clover Honey Stix

Clover honey is one of the most popular and common types of honey. This type of honey has a lighter and sweeter flavor than regular honey. This flavor is naturally produced by bees after flowering Clover. Anna’s Honey makes its Honey Stix by never overheating or over-filtering the honey, leading to its delicious quality.

Anna’s Honey Stix can be stored for months at a time. Buy Honey Stix at the beginning of a school year in September, and the same sticks will be good after the student comes home for the summer in June and offer the same clean and sweet taste.

These Clover Honey Stix come in packs of one-hundred, perfect for keeping in a desk at work, adding to a lunchbox, or to carry one around each morning during a jog. Honey is a great source of energy. Just one stick could make all the difference in your daily routine.

Whether you want a healthy snack until your next meal, a sweet way to keep your body healthy, or something easy to flavor your tea, Anna’s Honey Stix are here to help. Get ready to taste the sweet, energizing honey clover flavor for yourself.

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Clover Flavored Honey Stix - Annas Honey - Qty 100
Anna's Honey Clover Honey Stix
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Product Features

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Sweet and Light Clover Honey Flavoring

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A Great Source of Antioxidants

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An all natural product

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Natural sweetener for your everyday foods and beverages

Flavored Honey Stix

Cinnamon Honey Stix

Perfect for drizzling on baked goods, Anna’s Honey Sticks also come in nine additional sweet flavors. Find a favorite flavor or mix and match different flavors for delicious honey combinations.

Pour a lemon honey stick in tea for an extra lemon tang, write your name with a sour strawberry honey stick on an English muffin, or sit down and enjoy a cinnamon honey stick after a long day at work. How you choose to enjoy these flavored honey sticks are up to you.

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Cinnamon Flavored Honey Stix - Annas Honey - Qty 100
Annas Flavored Honey Stix - Cinnamon
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Product Features

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Infused with all-natural flavors

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Helps boost immune system

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Pack of one-hundred stix

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Natural sweetener for your everyday foods and beverages

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