Straight from the hive to you, Anna's Honey presents pure, raw Honeycomb.

Honeycomb is a wax container created naturally by bees during honey production. The comb serves as a natural storage compartment for honey and pollen made by the honeybees. At Anna's Honey, our honeycomb is harvested by dedicated beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest.

Anna's comb honey is the purest form of honey, packaged directly from the hive. The honey comb is never processed. This avoids heating that kills essential nutrients in the raw honey in order to retain the wonderful vitamin and mineral benefits of the honey.

Anna's Natural Honeycomb is the old fashioned way to enjoy honey. This popular item won't last, so order yours today!

Annas Natural Honey Comb 8oz
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    Anna's Honey Natural Honeycomb is the best honey in its purest form. Packaged straight from the hives, honeycomb is the only true unprocessed honey. Distilled from nectar and put in its container by the bees themselves, raw honey comb consists simply of honey surrounded by beeswax.  Old fashioned honeycomb has many uses. The delicate beeswax "comb" surrounding honey can be chewed like gum. Comb Honey can be eaten as a wholesome candy or simply spread on toast or bread. ...