The Importance of Natural Honey

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by | Tuesday, March 2, 2021 |

Nutrition and Taste of Natural Honey Creating honey is a complex process, which requires a tremendous amount of time and attention. From raising honey bees to careful filtration, some may wonder how there is such a difference in quality between different jars of honey. Creating Grade A quality honey isn’t always easy, but it is the only way Anna’s has made honey since we started over forty years ago. Different jars of honey at the supermarket share the same uniform taste due to their heavier...

Make Salad Exciting With Anna's Honey

by | Thursday, February 25, 2021 |

Make Salad Exciting With Honey Salad is a simple and healthy meal or side, which may taste a little boring to some. Usually, without the support from additional ingredients, salads are more or less a bowl of green vegetables. For those looking to make a salad more exciting, Anna’s Honey recommends using luscious honey varietals. Honey is a sweetener found in nature and performs well in salads. Only one tablespoon of honey can add sweetness to crisp and soft lettuce leaves. Most salad dressings...

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Honey on a Cold Day

by | Friday, February 19, 2021 |

Enjoy Honey Until Spring When the weather outside is cold and snowy, the perfect thing to do is to enjoy a tasty snack inside. There is less than a month left in the winter season, and we feel the best way to enjoy our time before the spring is with delicious honey flavors. Unlike refined sugars, honey is a sweetener found in nature. The rich and sweet taste also provides numerous health benefits, useful for fending off colds in winter. Keep in mind heating honey to high temperatures too...

Anna's Honey Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day!

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by | Friday, February 12, 2021 |

Valentine’s Day is a sweet and special time of year. We do our best to treat the people we love by spending time with them, exchanging flowers and gifts to show how much we care. Whether it is friends, family, or loved ones, we hope you enjoy this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Last week, we gave some suggestions as to what honey varietals to give during Valentine’s Day. While it may be too late to pick up honey in time for Sunday, Anna’s would like to do something sweet this year. To celebrate the...

Say Something Sweet With Anna's Honey

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by | Wednesday, February 3, 2021 |

Lovely Honey Varietals February may be the shortest calendar month but is also one of the most exciting. February is filled with wonderful excuses to express love and appreciation to family, friends, and significant others. We all have people in our lives we want to say thank you to, so why not treat them to something sweet? Flowers are a classic and traditional way to show affection, but so can honey. Giving honey for Valentine’s Day can be something special and memorable. To help guide honey...