We Appreciate Our Local Workers

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by | Friday, November 13, 2020 |

Workers from the Pacific Northwest Here at Anna’s Honey, we value our local workers who make our honey so delicious. The spotlight is often put on the finished product itself and we feel we should make more of an effort to recognize those who create it. This week, Anna’s would like to share a little bit about our Pacific Northwest workers and all that they do. At Anna’s Honey, the first thing to notice is our workers don’t talk very much. As a matter of fact, no one has heard them speak much...

What Makes Fireweed Honey So Popular?

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by | Friday, November 6, 2020 |

A Dark & Rich Honey Flavor Even as we enter into the chilly month of November, Anna’s Honey is seeing more and more people discover and enjoy different varietals of honey. Gourmet honey has always been terrific for baking, breakfast, and as a delicious sweet treat, but recently, one honey varietal has seen a surge of interest. The honey varietal is fireweed honey and has several special qualities to make it an Anna’s Honey favorite. Fireweed honey is made from nectar specially gathered from...

How Much is Too Much Honey?

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How Much Honey Is Too Much? With different sizes, shapes, and varietals, sometimes it can be hard to know how much honey to buy at a time. One large mason jar of Clover Honey offers three times the amount from a plastic bear bottle, but how much honey is enough? The first thing to remember is honey has a remarkably long shelf life. Even in large quantities, bacteria cannot grow on honey, making it safe to eat even after a long passage of time. What Happens if Honey Sits for Too Long?...

Now is The Perfect Time to Start Enjoying Anna's Honey

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by | Wednesday, October 21, 2020 |

Enjoy Nature's Sweetener In one short week, Halloween will be upon us, along with candy and other sugary treats. We love to indulge in the festivities, but more often than not, after Halloween comes to an end, our sugary cravings refuse to leave. Thankfully, Anna’s Honey has a delicious and healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Often, honey is not thought of as a sugar substitute. Commercially processed honey is heated at high temperatures, killing the natural enzymes and nutrients and...

Raw Honey, Pasteurized Honey, & Anna’s Honey

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by | Wednesday, October 14, 2020 |

The Anna's Honey Difference To make gourmet honey, Anna’s Honey must take many precautions and steps. Beekeepers must treat the bees with the best practices for keeping them happy and healthy. High-quality honey can only be produced by strong colonies of bees. Carefully tending to them is the highest priority. Anna’s Clover, Blackberry, and Fireweed Honey are single-origin varietals, meaning the bees gather the majority of nectar from these plants to make their honey. Anna’s Wildflower Honey...