Annas Clover Honey in an 18-Ounce Glass Jar

Clover Honey - Gift Jar - Annas Honey - 18 oz

Clover honey is one of the most popular honey varietals from Anna’s Honey. Made from the pollen of clover flowers native to the Pacific Northwest, this honey varietal is sweet and light. This traditional 18-ounce glass jar makes for a perfect gift... Average rating: 4.33, based on 3 reviews
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Lakewood, WA

We first tasted this as a small sample and my husband sent me on a hunt to find this. It is truly the best honey ever.

We ordered Clover Honey two times. The first order was a very light color. The second order was a very dark

color. Both orders were gifts for other people, so we did not compare the taste of the Clover Honey from both

orders. We wonder if one of the orders was not labeled correctly!!!


I used both of these jars as gifts.